• Alex


    Really enjoyed it and I have a great beginners understanding of python and looking forward to advanced python!

  • Bjorn Schulze

    Bjorn Schulze

    This was actually a pretty good course. I was hoping that there was a project at the end that you had to work out yourself instead of following through with the instructor. I realize that this opens a can of works since there are hundreds of ways to code the same results, but perhaps for more quick studies so long as the results would match would be a nice capstone to the lessons.

  • Benjamin Castillo

    Benjamin Castillo

    Excellent course.

  • Ramon Castillo

    Ramon Castillo

    great job !

  • Anthony


    Very enjoyable course. The instructor does a great job of explaining the purpose of each lesson and includes a lot of hands on practice.

  • Brenda van Rensburg

    Brenda Van Rensburg

    Really good for those new to program. Explains each section well and has little examples to show result of code!

  • Cesar Rodriguez

    Cesar Rodriguez

    Good class on the basics of python.

  • Jim McLaren

    Jim McLaren

    Well thought out.

  • Helen Fong

    Helen Fong

    Lots of basic descriptions, a bit slow for someone who already knows how to code, but might be really helpful for beginners. There is a mistake in Module 4-1 "what are functions" because what the instructor was saying wasn't was the code was doing (using "print" instead of the "printme" function). When code is being typed, it would be helpful to move the cursor off to the side. Some statements were typed with semi-colons at the end and this is not required in Python. It might confuse beginners.

  • Nice Course for Beginners!!!!!!

  • Francisco Romero

    Francisco Romero

    Very basic course, but it clear and concise.

  • MacKenzie Patton

    MacKenzie Patton

    Pretty useful, I wish it was a bit more in depth, I feel as a lot of the videos had too much time spent reading the slides and not quite enough practice! But overall, great job and very thorough .

  • Shaun Anthony Camilleri

    Shaun Anthony Camilleri

    The speakers voice is so monotonous it is depressing. Also it seems he does not have a strategy in teaching the modules as he starts something, change his mind and, returns to the previous telling you to forget it as he will go back to it later. In lesson 6 he tells you that he will explain how to find file paths but it seems he forgot. He isn't structure but ad hoc.

  • Greg


    Good overall basic course for Python.

  • Darrell Hoard

    Darrell Hoard

    Excellent course!!! Highly recommend this for anyone who wants to learn the basics of Python!

  • Cpita


    It is good to start using python, but some things are not well explained.

  • Geo


    While each lesson was good to illustrate the topic being presented, the course overall seemed a bit disjointed rather than "building". For example "If" and "While" statements deal with program flow and are not "Object Orientation" Also, the presenter always seems to "start from scratch" half way thru a lesson even though the second half could better be demonstrated by refactoring the code. Ex: Module 5 Lesson2 Spanish Dictionary was defined as a global variable in the first example, then I watched as the presenter retyped the EXACT SAME CODE as part of a function definition. Why not just edit the first code?