Reviews for Introduction to Web Development

  • Daphne Thames

    Daphne Thames

    The course was informative, easy to follow and an overall enjoyable experience.

  • Jessica Frisz

    Jessica Frisz

    I was very pleased with this introduction. This was directed at the right skill level for me, someone who is computer-literate but new to coding and web development. The instruction was clear and struck the right balance between the big picture and detail.

  • Nicole



  • walter alvarez

    Walter Alvarez

    very easy to understand and learn

  • Stephen minto

    Stephen Minto

    Easy to understand.

  • robert kinsella

    Robert Kinsella

    Good way to get started quickly.

  • Arifin Othman

    Arifin Othman

    I am giving 4 stars as I have only just finished the first module. On the whole it is a great course for beginners. However, is no longer available. You can update, not the video, but notes to the lesson 2 that they should ignore the and instead use Great course!

  • Claudia Yurrita

    Claudia Yurrita

    This course could have been a very good one. However the last module could be improved a lot. In special lesson2 is lacking a clear objetive.

  • Kelly Harpula

    Kelly Harpula

    Really good course for beginners. Would have been helpful to have the same html templates to work with as you're watching the video. The JS code for the BMI calculator exercise had to be found via Google. Brackets program is excellent for starting out.