Topics in System Software, Fall 2008

Topics in System Software, Fall 2008

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by SEOUL National University

Markov-chain Approach
 KVI Algorithm [krishnan, Vitter, Iyer: SIGMOD’96]
 Complete conditional independence (CCI)
  MO (Maximal Overlap) Algorithm [Jagadish, Ng,      Srivastava:PODS’99]
 Conditional dependence of αj on the immediately preceding (maximal
overlap) substring
 Markov Estimator (ME)
 QG Estimator
 Selectivity of a s can never exceed that of s’ for any substring s’ of string
 CRT Algorithm [Chaudhuri, Ganti, Gravano: ICDE’04]
 Short Identifying Substring (SIS)
  Monte Carlo Approach
 Min Hashing Algorithm [Chen, Korn, Koudas, Muthkrishnan: PODS’00]]

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Topics in System Software, Fall 2008
SEOUL National University

SEOUL National University

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