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The Python Programming Advanced course picks up where the Python Programming for Beginners course left off, covering some topics in more detail, and adding new ones to allow you to dive deeper into the language.  The student will gain a full understanding of how to program with Python.

MODULE 1: Course Agenda and Introduction

MODULE 2: Python Data Structures

MODULE 3: Writing GUI in Python

MODULE 4: Python and CGI Scripts

MODULE 5: Advanced Graphics

MODULE 6: Networking

MODULE 7: Projects

MODULE 8: Conclusion

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  • Thomas Olivent
    The information is nice, but the instructor doesn't explain why he's doing certain words when calling functions.
  • Daniel Plouffe
    Good example, not enough explaining of what some function do...
  • Scott Giesbrecht
    too much just typing code and not fully explaining the content. no real exercises.
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