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Started in the mid 1980s, Python is now one of the most widely used and supported modern programming languages. With an emphasis on readability, flexibility, and brevity, Python is renowned for its grace and functionality, allowing code to be written faster and in fewer lines than a language like C. Loved by experts for its power, and beginners for its clear syntax and dynamic typing, Python is responsible for bringing us names like YouTube, Reddit, Spotify, and DropBox, all written with a Python framework.

As a dynamic language, Python allows users to code with varied styles using multiple paradigms. It can be used as functional, object oriented, aspect oriented, imperative, etc. This dynamic nature combined with its relative ease of use and readability makes it an excellent language for beginners.

MODULE 1: 1-installation-1

MODULE 2: 10-functions-2

MODULE 3: 11-function Parameters-3

MODULE 4: 14-writing To A File-6

MODULE 5: 12-global And Local Variables-4

MODULE 6: 13-common Errors-5

MODULE 7: 14-writing To A File-6

MODULE 8: 15-appending To A File-7

MODULE 9: 16-reading From A File-8

MODULE 10: 17-classes-9

MODULE 11: 18-input And Statistics-10

MODULE 12: 19-import Syntax-11

MODULE 13: 2-print And Strings-12

MODULE 14: 20-making Modules-13

MODULE 15: 21-error Handing Try And Except-14

MODULE 16: 22 - Lists Vs Tuples And List Manip-15

MODULE 17: 23-dictionaries-16

MODULE 18: 24-conclusion-17

MODULE 19: 3-math-18

MODULE 20: 4-variables-19

MODULE 21: 5-whileloop-20

MODULE 22: 6-forloop-21

MODULE 23: 7-if Statement-22

MODULE 24: 8-if Else-23

MODULE 25: 9-if Elif Else-24

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