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This course is the beginning track for certification. It is designed for the beginning C# programmer although there are topics of an advanced nature. The topics discussed within this curriculum focus primarily on C# code and not interface design or true event-based programming.

MODULE 1: Introduction

MODULE 2: Intro to C#

MODULE 3: C# First Project

MODULE 4: Variables

MODULE 5: a. Numeric Variables

MODULE 6: b. String Variables

MODULE 7: c. Variable Scope

MODULE 8: d. Casting

MODULE 9: Mathematical Expressions

MODULE 10: a. Decision Statement

MODULE 11: b. Loops

MODULE 12: c. Functions and Methods

MODULE 13: Classes and Objects

MODULE 14: a. Create Simple Class

MODULE 15: b. Constants and Enums

MODULE 16: c. Object Constructors

MODULE 17: d. Value and Reference Types

MODULE 18: Arrays

MODULE 19: a. Multi Dimensional Arrays

MODULE 20: b. Array Lists

MODULE 21: c. Type Safe Lists


MODULE 23: LINQ Filtering and Sorting

MODULE 24: LINQ Joining Data

MODULE 25: Exceptions

MODULE 26: a. Exceptions Handled

MODULE 27: b. Custom Exceptions

MODULE 28: Inspecting Folders and Files

MODULE 29: a. Working with Paths

MODULE 30: b. Reading and Writing Files

MODULE 31: Debug Common Errors

MODULE 32: a. Breakpoints

MODULE 33: b. Watch Windows

MODULE 34: c. Immediate Windows

MODULE 35: Garbage Collector

MODULE 36: Conclusion

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