jQuery for Beginners

jQuery for Beginners

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by Mark Lassoff

You’ve learned a bit of Javascript, and you’re now wondering: What’s next?

Javascript is the most important language on the modern web– and jQuery is it’s most important framework. With an understanding of basic Javascript, you can use jQuery and create powerful, impressive visual effects, interface widgets and other site featues. If you’re worried about cross-browser compatibility problems, jQuery just might be the recipe you’ve been searching. jQuery commands, methods and widgets perform the same on all modern browsers making it easier to create a powerful interface on your site that is enjoyed by ALL users.

Join LearnToProgram.tv’s Alex Bowers in this exploration of jQuery which is designed to get you up and running quickly. Like all LearnToProgram.tv classes, jQuery for Beginners will get you started in minutes. You’ll code along with Alex as he presents numerous, and creative examples of jQuery techniques. Then to reinforce each lesson, Alex has created engaging lab exercsies which will help you remember, retain and reuse the material presented in the course.

MODULE 1: jQuery

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Mark  Lassoff

Mark Lassoff

Mark Lassoff’s parents frequently claim that Mark was born to be a programmer.  In the mid-eighties when the neighborhood kids were outside playing kickball and throwing snowballs, Mark was hard at work on his Commodore 64 writing games in the BASIC programming language.  Computers and programming continued to be a strong interest in college where Mark majored in communication and computer science.  Upon completing his college career, Mark worked in the software and we...More

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  • Hossam Saleh
    Good content. Sound is very low, will need external speakers or headphones. The class is not by Mark Lassoff
  • Danie Claassen
    Very informative and detailled
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